Welcome to My Burger Wonderland!

Welcome to My Burger Wonderland!


Hello everyone! This my brand new blog home, only producing burger related funny posts!

I bet, there must be a crazy number of people fall in love with the kind of food—burger!

No matter  which part of the worldyou come from, burger must be something you

definitely have tried. Whether you love it or not, once you taste them, you can hardly

forget those rich flavours with so many possibilities, as well as the scene of a bit of messy

,getting all the juice on your body haha~~~

This blog is just perfectly designed for burger lovers. All the contents will focus on posting

interesting news, images, videos and my personal views related to burger.


I am a master student studying in Lancaster University, majored in  E-Business & Innovation in and all the words and opinions of this blog solely come from my own.Actually this is my first time designing my own blog, I feel so excited and wish all of my readers would truly love the contents I post.

OK, Let’s start our fantastic burger journey !!



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