Burger Recommendation: Burger & Lobster

Burger Recommendation: Burger & Lobster

Last time, I recommend you a wonderful burger restaurant located in Beijing, China. As I ‘v come to England being a student, I think I should write about a local burger restaurant in UK.

Actually, short after I arrived in UK, a few of my friends have shared their dinner experience in a burger restaurant on Facebook.com. The restaurant indeed triggered my huge curiosity, so I decide to try this renowned place in the mid of March this year. So, Let me tell you about my story in the restaurant —— Burger & Lobster


Although located in the heart downtown of London, it takes us some time and effort to find this inconspicuous place. Maybe because it was late in the night, there are little people queuing outside the store. But we heard that there would be a long queue waiting in front of the store. From the outside, the decoration of the store had a retro flavor, the font of signboard reveals a kind of retro fashion style.

  IMG_0851.JPG   IMG_0850

When we get inside, I suddenly fall in love with this stylish place. The light is subtle dark, like a bar but without too much noises. On the table, We found an interesting plastic bib, the retro style can also be reflected from the paint on the bib.


There are only two types of main course in the restaurant, one is lobster burger, the other is a whole lobster.

The first night, we ordered a whole grilled lobster, the lobster is so delicious that we decide to their burger the next day. After tasting all the main dishes of the store, I feel satisfied with the my delicious food trip. I think the restaurant is creative and full of imagination, combing two unrelated things together, and make sparkles.


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