Burger View: Can’t Stop with Burger Challenge!

Burger View: Can’t Stop with Burger Challenge!

Burger is more than a kind of food! People who are crazy about burger has expand their love for burger to other field, such as fashion, movie and so on. Today, I want to introduce you some funny video of burger challenges. These videos are more than simply recording the process of eating piles of burgers,  I personally have been deeply attracted by them due to interesting conversation and unique style. Except tasting the delicious flavour, you can find  how competition becomes truly funny when joining with burgers!

One.  Blind Burger taste challenge!

This challenge is quite special. Unlike other eating burger contest, the challenge in the video is about guessing burger. challenger’s eyes will be covered, they need to guess the  brand and name of the burger.

Two. Kinoshita Yuka’s burger challenge

Kinoshita Yuka is an amazing youtube blogger, this Japanese girl has an usual stomach than normal people, the size of her stomach is 66 time bigger than normal people! She loves burger, cakes and all kinds of high-energy food, yet she never gets weight. In this video, she challenges the to eat 4 burgers, each burger is with 10 meat parries! And the total food is worth 7826 calories. It is quite astonishing to watch the video, seeing a skinny girl eat so much food.


Three. Beast Burger Challenge.

In this burger challenge, candidates must finish the beast burger in 15 minutes. The Beast Burger weighs in at 4.5lbs and consists of 2lbs cooked burger, 1/2lb pulled pork, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and 10 slices of cheddar cheese, all sandwiched between a large bun. I’m shocked by the size of the burger and the short time .

Isn’t it interesting that people just love to hold competition eating burgers? From the perspective of physiology, the vision of burger that combines veg, meat, grain together, give a feeling of richness, and believe it can easily make people full. Thus, this might be the reason why burger is always chosen to become the food in food contest.

Wanna getting some fun? Join in a burger challenge!


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