Burger View: Burger——New Design Inspiration

Burger View: Burger——New Design Inspiration

Hello everyone! Have you had a lovely weekends? Where did you enjoy yourself during weekends? I guess that many of you must go shopping~~HAHA

Today’s topic is not about restaurant recommendation or recipe, let’s talk about “burger design”! I’m not quite sure if you ever notice that burger, except being the delicious food, have always be taken as design inspiration in various stuffs.

When you shop in big malls, have you ever bought one or two funny little stuff that shaped or looked like food? How about clothes printing burger image? I will introduce you some interesting “burger” design things.

1.Bioworld Cheeseburger Laplander Hat (source:http://www.amazon.com/Bioworld-Girls-7-16-Cheeseburger-Laplander/dp/B005Q59R3U/ref=pd_sbs_a_3)

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 19.52.37

This cute knite hat looks exactly like a burger! when you wear it, it makes your head delicious!

2.  the Saucony x END. Shadow 5000 ‘Burger’ (http://www.endclothing.co.uk/blog/saucony-x-end-shadow-5000-burger-a-closer-look/)

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 19.52.01.png

The custom boxes take inspiration from traditional burger packaging and the traditional tissue paper has been swapped out for our bespoke gingham design.

3. burger tie

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 19.51.46The burger tie helps you get rid of boring single coloured tie, isn’t it cute?

Food is loved by designers, the use of the color, shape of the food to the product is popular. Burger theme design provide goods with the elements of ” funny” “young” “cute”, the target customer of buying these goods are often young teenagers or people who pursue a young life style.

Burger View: Can’t Stop with Burger Challenge!

Burger View: Can’t Stop with Burger Challenge!

Burger is more than a kind of food! People who are crazy about burger has expand their love for burger to other field, such as fashion, movie and so on. Today, I want to introduce you some funny video of burger challenges. These videos are more than simply recording the process of eating piles of burgers,  I personally have been deeply attracted by them due to interesting conversation and unique style. Except tasting the delicious flavour, you can find  how competition becomes truly funny when joining with burgers!

One.  Blind Burger taste challenge!

This challenge is quite special. Unlike other eating burger contest, the challenge in the video is about guessing burger. challenger’s eyes will be covered, they need to guess the  brand and name of the burger.

Two. Kinoshita Yuka’s burger challenge

Kinoshita Yuka is an amazing youtube blogger, this Japanese girl has an usual stomach than normal people, the size of her stomach is 66 time bigger than normal people! She loves burger, cakes and all kinds of high-energy food, yet she never gets weight. In this video, she challenges the to eat 4 burgers, each burger is with 10 meat parries! And the total food is worth 7826 calories. It is quite astonishing to watch the video, seeing a skinny girl eat so much food.


Three. Beast Burger Challenge.

In this burger challenge, candidates must finish the beast burger in 15 minutes. The Beast Burger weighs in at 4.5lbs and consists of 2lbs cooked burger, 1/2lb pulled pork, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and 10 slices of cheddar cheese, all sandwiched between a large bun. I’m shocked by the size of the burger and the short time .

Isn’t it interesting that people just love to hold competition eating burgers? From the perspective of physiology, the vision of burger that combines veg, meat, grain together, give a feeling of richness, and believe it can easily make people full. Thus, this might be the reason why burger is always chosen to become the food in food contest.

Wanna getting some fun? Join in a burger challenge!

Burger Recommendation: Burger & Lobster

Burger Recommendation: Burger & Lobster

Last time, I recommend you a wonderful burger restaurant located in Beijing, China. As I ‘v come to England being a student, I think I should write about a local burger restaurant in UK.

Actually, short after I arrived in UK, a few of my friends have shared their dinner experience in a burger restaurant on Facebook.com. The restaurant indeed triggered my huge curiosity, so I decide to try this renowned place in the mid of March this year. So, Let me tell you about my story in the restaurant —— Burger & Lobster


Although located in the heart downtown of London, it takes us some time and effort to find this inconspicuous place. Maybe because it was late in the night, there are little people queuing outside the store. But we heard that there would be a long queue waiting in front of the store. From the outside, the decoration of the store had a retro flavor, the font of signboard reveals a kind of retro fashion style.

  IMG_0851.JPG   IMG_0850

When we get inside, I suddenly fall in love with this stylish place. The light is subtle dark, like a bar but without too much noises. On the table, We found an interesting plastic bib, the retro style can also be reflected from the paint on the bib.


There are only two types of main course in the restaurant, one is lobster burger, the other is a whole lobster.

The first night, we ordered a whole grilled lobster, the lobster is so delicious that we decide to their burger the next day. After tasting all the main dishes of the store, I feel satisfied with the my delicious food trip. I think the restaurant is creative and full of imagination, combing two unrelated things together, and make sparkles.

Burger Recommandation: @Must Guette

Burger Recommandation: @Must Guette

Hello everyone! Welcome to my burger wonderland!

After introducing two delicious & special burger recipes, today, I want to share my own experience in a burger restaurant, also, recommend this fantastic burger restaurant to you! The name is ~~~

@Must Guette

Located in Sanlitun, one of the most prosperous downtown shopping area in the heart of city Beijing,  Must Guette is famous for its British-theme burger & hotdog cuisine,  as well as an unique red mailbox standing in front of the store. According my own experience, I think it is the best tasty burger bar in Beijing.

I remembered that it is my second year in college when I went to this restaurant. For me,  Sanlitun is the most fashionable, funnest place in Beijing at that time. The reason why I went there is also interesting. I was not recommended the restaurant by my friend. In fact,  as this restaurant was the place where my favourite Chinese actor Wallace Chung had been, thus, holding the expectation of experiencing what he had eaten, my friend and I chose to go the place the second day.

The moment I saw the front of the restaurant, the unique style of decoration attracted my eyes immediately. The red mailbox stood out on the street.



The inside of the restaurant is lovely too. It is decorated with plenty of British theme pictures on the wall. Although not very spacious, the room makes people feel cozy and nice.Sanlitun has countless international food restaurants, burger restaurants could also be seen everywhere. But personally speaking, I’d like to pick this adorable burger bar for itsboth tasty and beautiful presented food! ~


As you can see from the pic, the restaurant offers more a normal-concept burger! they are more like ” a collection of things together”. I seldom find a burger store that offers burger with such rich contents inside. Look how many things are stuffed in  those two flat bread,  wrapped in a lettuce leaf and straddled by onion rings, pickles and two thick chunks of ground beef, you can imagine the scene of eating these juicy huge burger and getting messy everywhere.


What I want to compliment is their creative food art! I have taken some beautiful food pictures of their food. from their layout in the plate, it’s easy to notice the colourful appearance, as well as unusual material they put inside the burger, such as fried shrimp, salmon etc.



Anyway, this restaurant definitely ranks top3 in China in my own opinion. Feel appetite-attempting? Just go there and grab a burger!

Burger Recipe: Shrimp&Rib Burger in Chinese Style!

Burger Recipe: Shrimp&Rib Burger in Chinese Style!


Hello, everyone!

Today I want to share an interesting Chinese burger recipe with you!!

Haven’t you got enough with monotonous burger in food store?

Cheese,beef or chicken burger, they are just too normal and everywhere.

So, how about have a refresh day? change your taste, and  your food

recipe to special  Chinese style??

This video teaches you how to make a Chinese flavour burger.

No bread, but steamed bon!

No fired chicken, they blend fresh shrimp meat with pork !

No BBQ sause or catch up!

But special Chinese condiment oyster sauce!

I believe there should be Chinese town or supermarket

around your house, just go there and grab some exotic

row material, and make your self a delicious



Burger Recipe: Sushi Burger in Japanese Style

Burger Recipe: Sushi Burger in Japanese Style

Hi everyone! It’s me again! Long time no see! Already miss you guys! I haven’t given up all sorts of  my views and interests on burger, just spend most of the  time handling my postgraduate assignment~~~ I must have procrastination and OCD orz..

Speaking of postgraduate study…as an Asian student coming to England, sometimes, I feel tormented when eating fish&chips, Jack potatoes or pizza everyday. Asian stomach will always desire rice and hot dishes. So I really enjoying making Asian plate dish by myself once I get spare time. Though Chinese dishes occupy my dinning table more frequently, food in Japanese style or Korean style can also easily trigger my appetite!

My blog will keep introducing special burger recipes. Since we talked about Asian food,  then why not introduce a cool Japanese  SUSHI BURGER!


2 cups of sushi rice  /  2 cups of water /  4 tbsp of rice vinegar / 4 Tbsp of sugar / 2 Tbsp salt

1 Piece of tuna / 1 Pack of bacon / 1 Avocado / Wasabi sauce /Sriracha / Sushi sesame seeds


With all those smoothy,sticky and fluffy taste, the burger looks absolutely unique in the Asian style. Meat, Vegetables and rice, can you imagine any healthier burger than this one?

SO if you have really get tired of eating McDonald or Burger King, just go downstairs and rush to an Asian supermarket to buy these simple ingredients and make yourself a wonderful combination of sushi & burger!

Welcome to My Burger Wonderland!

Welcome to My Burger Wonderland!


Hello everyone! This my brand new blog home, only producing burger related funny posts!

I bet, there must be a crazy number of people fall in love with the kind of food—burger!

No matter  which part of the worldyou come from, burger must be something you

definitely have tried. Whether you love it or not, once you taste them, you can hardly

forget those rich flavours with so many possibilities, as well as the scene of a bit of messy

,getting all the juice on your body haha~~~

This blog is just perfectly designed for burger lovers. All the contents will focus on posting

interesting news, images, videos and my personal views related to burger.


I am a master student studying in Lancaster University, majored in  E-Business & Innovation in and all the words and opinions of this blog solely come from my own.Actually this is my first time designing my own blog, I feel so excited and wish all of my readers would truly love the contents I post.

OK, Let’s start our fantastic burger journey !!