Burger Recommandation: @Must Guette

Burger Recommandation: @Must Guette

Hello everyone! Welcome to my burger wonderland!

After introducing two delicious & special burger recipes, today, I want to share my own experience in a burger restaurant, also, recommend this fantastic burger restaurant to you! The name is ~~~

@Must Guette

Located in Sanlitun, one of the most prosperous downtown shopping area in the heart of city Beijing,  Must Guette is famous for its British-theme burger & hotdog cuisine,  as well as an unique red mailbox standing in front of the store. According my own experience, I think it is the best tasty burger bar in Beijing.

I remembered that it is my second year in college when I went to this restaurant. For me,  Sanlitun is the most fashionable, funnest place in Beijing at that time. The reason why I went there is also interesting. I was not recommended the restaurant by my friend. In fact,  as this restaurant was the place where my favourite Chinese actor Wallace Chung had been, thus, holding the expectation of experiencing what he had eaten, my friend and I chose to go the place the second day.

The moment I saw the front of the restaurant, the unique style of decoration attracted my eyes immediately. The red mailbox stood out on the street.



The inside of the restaurant is lovely too. It is decorated with plenty of British theme pictures on the wall. Although not very spacious, the room makes people feel cozy and nice.Sanlitun has countless international food restaurants, burger restaurants could also be seen everywhere. But personally speaking, I’d like to pick this adorable burger bar for itsboth tasty and beautiful presented food! ~


As you can see from the pic, the restaurant offers more a normal-concept burger! they are more like ” a collection of things together”. I seldom find a burger store that offers burger with such rich contents inside. Look how many things are stuffed in  those two flat bread,  wrapped in a lettuce leaf and straddled by onion rings, pickles and two thick chunks of ground beef, you can imagine the scene of eating these juicy huge burger and getting messy everywhere.


What I want to compliment is their creative food art! I have taken some beautiful food pictures of their food. from their layout in the plate, it’s easy to notice the colourful appearance, as well as unusual material they put inside the burger, such as fried shrimp, salmon etc.



Anyway, this restaurant definitely ranks top3 in China in my own opinion. Feel appetite-attempting? Just go there and grab a burger!