Burger Recipe: Sushi Burger in Japanese Style

Burger Recipe: Sushi Burger in Japanese Style

Hi everyone! It’s me again! Long time no see! Already miss you guys! I haven’t given up all sorts of  my views and interests on burger, just spend most of the  time handling my postgraduate assignment~~~ I must have procrastination and OCD orz..

Speaking of postgraduate study…as an Asian student coming to England, sometimes, I feel tormented when eating fish&chips, Jack potatoes or pizza everyday. Asian stomach will always desire rice and hot dishes. So I really enjoying making Asian plate dish by myself once I get spare time. Though Chinese dishes occupy my dinning table more frequently, food in Japanese style or Korean style can also easily trigger my appetite!

My blog will keep introducing special burger recipes. Since we talked about Asian food,  then why not introduce a cool Japanese  SUSHI BURGER!


2 cups of sushi rice  /  2 cups of water /  4 tbsp of rice vinegar / 4 Tbsp of sugar / 2 Tbsp salt

1 Piece of tuna / 1 Pack of bacon / 1 Avocado / Wasabi sauce /Sriracha / Sushi sesame seeds


With all those smoothy,sticky and fluffy taste, the burger looks absolutely unique in the Asian style. Meat, Vegetables and rice, can you imagine any healthier burger than this one?

SO if you have really get tired of eating McDonald or Burger King, just go downstairs and rush to an Asian supermarket to buy these simple ingredients and make yourself a wonderful combination of sushi & burger!